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Our destination wedding experience with our stunning bride Ayesha was nothing short of amazing. We only had 3 days to spend with the bride and her family as we were off to another wedding in California the same weekend. Absolutely crazy busy - but what a fantastic experience. Here are the highlights below.

80 people deep traveling from Toronto and staying at the Jewel Bay Resort in Runaway bay - approximately 1 hour drive from Sangster's International Airport. Beautiful family friendly resort with countless food options.

We spent 2 days with the bride and her family, relaxing on the beach and even working on a fitness beach shoot. So much culture, food and fun. Finally on the last day, we woke up early and all ate breakfast together (yes Jamaican breakfast, I'm talking fried plantain, akee, callaloo, fried dumplin ...!). We headed back to the room and we started prep with the bridal party. Though we couldn't stay for the wedding festivities as we were off to the airport to catch a red eye to New York, these ladies became my clients and finally my friends. I was happy to meet them all again back in Toronto 2 month's later for Ayesha's birthday celebration.

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