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Welcome aboard! We look forward to filming our next course offering/marketing campaign with you as one of our models.  Please be sure to read this agreement in its entirety, accepting all terms and conditions.


I understand the responsibilities and commitments I am undertaking with the acceptance as a MODEL with DOLLFACEDREDIE. My participation is voluntary and commitment is required. I agree to be in attendance at the location provided in Etobicoke for the date selected and agreed upon. In the event of a strenuous circumstance, I agree to provide 48 hours notice of cancellation. Under no circumstances will a model cancellation result in a guaranteed rescheduled session. As part of my participation as a model, I agree to allow Omega Mighty and DollfaceDredie representatives to create and demonstrate a variety of makeup applications and techniques on camera. Respect of all DollfaceDredie artist's and representatives is mandatory.

I hereby certify that I will not receive remuneration for my participation as a model with DollfaceDredie and understand that my videos may appear as part of course offerings, marketing material and/or other forms of media. I agree to hold harmless Omega Mighty, DollfaceDredie and its representatives for any damages incurred. I agree that images and/or video of my face before and/or after may be used and displayed and the rights to such content belong to Omega Mighty of DollfaceDredie and its representatives.

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