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Elle Canada Premiere: BAG UP with Haviah Mighty

Okay okay....I might be grinning just a little bit. Even during a pandemic, really cool things are happening in the music and beauty industries alike.

Sister and rapper Haviah Mighty dropped her new video for "Bag Up" and Elle Canada got the premiere. I mean how cool is that? I'll take it a step further. Our work made it to the front page. How stunning does Haviah look in this video? Let me take you behind the scenes!

Read the Elle Article here.

7:00am Call Time

I was up bright and early, ready to paint at 0700. It means I was up the night before, packing, washing brushes and preparing to work on multiple faces. Not only was I the key Makeup Artist, I was the only Makeup Artist. That's right. No assistant either. So just imagine....organizing the talent for their sessions and touchups, running to set to touch them up and fitting in other talent in between. Not to mention, paying super close attention to Haviah and processing her look changes. It was a hectic 14-hour day and it was all worth it.

The Big Screen

There's nothing quite like seeing your work on the big screen. In's always surreal.

One of the coolest yet most challenging things about makeup for videos is paying attention to lighting and how that might affect the texture and overall finish of your work. It's not quite like bridal that has a heavy focus on photography, and allows for the bride's professional Photographer's edits (though our team never relies on that!). It's captured in real time, 4K...up close! Being meticulous is not only recommended, it's imperative.

I had the pleasure of working with Toronto's own Lady Ice who really brought the scenes together with her character and smooth moves.

Watch the Video

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